Division and Distance

by Ready the Destroyer

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Division and Distance is Ready the Destroyer's second EP release.


released July 1, 2010



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Ready the Destroyer Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Chance
chance – get down you've never seen this before and you don't know what to expect they say the first time is always the catch cause there is nothing to suspect so listen to your heart there's always time to share as long as you are there and willing to hold on to everything you know and want to believe to move forward with one you love you take a chance I hope you find what you've been looking for this time if it seems that you're falling apart then at least you know it's real it started out like the lottery another win the best selection
Track Name: Boats and Bridges
it's not the time for giving up it's not the time to walk away and you should know that there's a better way you can see we'll find it now let's put our heads together i'd say that this could last a while let's rock this boat we've built together confident that it will weather we won't pull away we will stay strong did you know we'd get this far I could list the doubts forever but there's no point in looking back that way unless we're learning still learning to live together there's nothing we can't handle now let's shake this bridge we've built together confident that it will hold us I won't stop believing that all this matters still and don't stop what you start or think that this will fail
Track Name: Sleeptalking
leave for tonight what's on your mind keep it in seal it tight cause i've got plans can't you see let's make some space between us now not to drift apart don't call me out we just need time to rest our eyes sleeping next to you I hear the secrets you won't tell my dear I hold you close to read you like an open book somniloquy it's news to me we can't expect perfection I hear your thoughts so out of line I just can't stop this practice in our sleep it all makes sense the pieces fall together you're speaking then so clearly like a truth fountain
Track Name: Disconnected
a disconnected point of view to walk away from all that you knew it's the start of a new day it's the start of a new time feel the change wash over you we're disconnected still so young and terrified (disconnected need you closer) the fever grows the feelings fade the scars remain we're disconnected still so young and full of hope
Track Name: The Comet, The Compass
In the middle of the night I see the flashing lights burning bright and shining through piercing the darkest mood and darling it's nothing of consequence and darling it's nothing don't raise your head i'm sorting through the thoughts in time all the blurry memories of mine and making sense of my life i'm going out and on the line i'm stepping up now every time don't take this all for granted in the middle of the night i think it all makes sense in the morning when i wake i find it's just non-sense
Track Name: Perfect Blues
I don't know the meaning just the reason I won't ever ask you what comes now if I walked the whole world I don't think i'd find you i've suffered a damage and you have too and all this time it seems like it feels like going backwards if there's a tomorrow I can find my own way I can't ever ask you what comes now all the sparks in the sky are stars tonight all the dreams burning my mind are filled with lies it's all right it's ok if I leave tonight I've walked enough in your shoes in your perfect blues I can't live without you but that's what I do I've suffered a damage and you have too give me a sign that it's all over now i've walked enough in your shoes in your perfect blues
Track Name: So Long
let's talk an argument right here right now let's get it right we can go on and on all night it doesn't make much sense to fight this through and through and through i'm done now are you I said so long cause I didn't know what to do it's been so wrong the poison's wearing through let's fix the mess we've made right here right now let's get it right bridge over troubled times all right if there's a way to say sorry I ever got involved you're hearing it now I said so long cause I didn't know what to say it's been so wrong i'm better off now without you